Water Store

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Water Store will greatly reduce the chance of your pot plants drying out, thus avoiding the chance of damage caused by lack of moisture (wilting).

The first symptoms to appear are wilting, chlorosis, and abscission (dropping)

of older leaves. Under severe moisture stress, wilting and necrosis occurs

on tips and interveinal regions of recently expanded leaves and new growth. The nutrient will also dry out in the substrate, causing nutrient salts to accumulate around the root mass. Re soaking (watering) the plant will rehydrate the nutrient salt causing high nutrient concentration to be released into the substrate; this can cause nutrient burn, nutrient lock out and collapse of the plants cell structure, all of which will potentially reduce the overall yield and health of the plant.

By adding Water Store to the substrate all these potential problems can be avoided.

Water Store is designed to retain and store moisture within the structure of the soil, improve the overall structure, increase aeration within the pot, improve the efficiency of irrigation or watering and reduce leaching of nutrients from the soil.

Water Store has an enormous capacity for absorbing and storing water/oxygen.

Water Store will reabsorb moisture after each watering throughout the growing cycle/ growing season.

Water Store does not affect PH directly.

Simply empty the contents into your substrate, mix in well and it’s ready to protect your plants from drying out. Can’t get to water your plants, no problem Water Store will keep them safe until you can get to them.